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What Clients Say About Westernsun

The Westernsun Story

Born with a sense of adventure and ambition for exploring new limits, Westernsun Media Design is a digital interpretation of it's founder Wes Knorr. The very business itself began a few years ago in Knorr's short-bus while exploring the beautiful, vast country sides of western America. It is these experiences that separate Westernsun from the typical digital design firms.

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Work Culture

YOU Truly Are Inspiring

It's not just a cheesy tagline. It's totally true! I try to see the best in everyone and draw inspiration directly from you and your business. I don't design graphics from templates, never have and never will. No two fingerprints are a like, why should your project be treated with any less creativity and respect?

Westernsun's History

Are You Experienced?

Yes, I am! I've been working this gig for over half my life. Designing graphics and websites for clients has always been a rewarding and fun art medium. I studied Computer Technology at a tech school and began working in the field as soon as I graduated. I've spent a lot of hours in the corporate scene and eventually found the right opportunity to get my own business off the ground. That, paired with my networking opportunities and professional experience in the music & arts industry, provide me with a unique set of skills allowing me to create balanced projects that meet the best of both worlds.